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About me

       My name is Morgan.  I am owner and metalsmith at The Copper Paisley Studio, formerly MetalAdornments.  I create handmade artsian jewelry.  I currently live in South Jordan, Utah with my husband and our two furry children. 


     Ten years ago, I was going to community college and working as a customer service store manager.  Trying to balancing health issues, stress and everyday demands.  I was swept off my feet, when I met my husband in '06. Having the space, support and time, I found a creative outlet for my stress.

Morgan Rae

My life with my best friend & husband Sam. 

Our best buds Satchel & Sebastian

The Copper Paisley Studio 

The Copper Paisley studio space. This is where the creative magic happens.  Turn up the music and go to work. Often times, I can be found working at 3 am.  Hammering, forging, soldering, polishing away on orders. Yes, I cleaned the studio for the photos.  It's never this clean. 

       I started out on Etsy, selling beaded jewelry and selling my work at local salons and boutiques on the side.  My little business had grown so much, in such a short time.  I needed a break from high demands of work and finding a balance for my creative outlet.  At which point, I couldn't balance the both worlds anymore. I never saw myself as someone who was interested in jewelry making as a career, but with my customer service experience and some real dedication to what I saw growing, I found a journey and it has been interesting to say the least. So with uncertianity, and the support of my husband I decided to take my jewelry full time, in hopes that I could become an aspiring metalsmith and bench jeweler. In 2012 I was nominated as accessory designer of the year for Salt Lake City, Utah.  The RawArtist exerpience really gets you out there. I had the opportunity to pair some of my designs with up and coming designers for hair, makeup and clothing designers during two fashion shows and a photoshoot for a magazine.


      Over the years I've taken many workshops and classes to learn silversmithing to work with semi precious metal fabrication, mixed materials, wire wrapping, enamels, fold forming, a hydrualic press, cold connections, glass, pmc, metal clay, etching, shell forming, soldering, working with semi precious gemstones.  Soon to come lapidary, inlay and casting.  My life is never dull.  For which I am grateful for, meeting many wonderful aspiring metalsmiths, who have opened up my abiltility to be mentored and self taught. Each year brings a new challenge and something new to learn.


      I now have a vision and a studio in my home to work, independantly as a self represented artist, full time business owner, metalsmith and jewelry designer.  Not to mention part time wife, book keeper, marketing manager, shipping manager, social media updater, designer and maker.  I often get asked, where I can be found?  Through out the year, I have a few consignment locations, farmer's markets, boutiques and local events, my etsy shop and other online venues. I am passionate about what I do, it keeps me very busy at most times, although it's very rewarding.  It's opened up more possiblities for my free time to spend in the garden, camping ,with my family and walks with our beagle. 


       More importantly, the personalized accessories and custom made orders that get most of my time and detail, bring a great deal of importance to my life and their owners.  Mother's that have lost baby angels, seeking for that momento to hold on to, the bride looking for that perfect detail for her special day, the cancer survivor, the everyday shopper, right down to the little girl looking for a gift for dad. I hope that now you know a little more about me, you will realize how much of my heart and soul goes into my work and with every custom peice to be as unique as each person receiving it.  Please feel free to look around and use the contact me section for questions or custom orders.

     In 2014 I had the opportunity to work with a group of designers and metalsmiths from all over the world, who got together to help out a charity group for crafters in emergency.  We each created a link and combined them. It started out with an idea to link a few. Then, it turned into a hundred and it grew great greatly from there. We became united, A Hundred For One.  You can see more about the beautiful hand crafted link peices on the website. We are still awaiting someone to purchase it up or share it in a gallery in hopes to auction off the proceeds. We are working on publishing a book to add to the proceeds as well.

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