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      Terms of Use and Privacy Policy clauses define the conditions which one must accept in order to use this website. Once you reads this page, he or she automatically agrees to the policies laid out therein. If your user does not agree with thesem policies, he should not use this site. User agrees to not copy or distribute images used on this site or it's content.

Shipping Policy


      Please be aware that during holidays I may have high volumes and that could vary, 3-6 weeks!!  Most of the time I am able to ship your item out with in 3-10 business days, It all depends on how many orders I currently have. If you need it sooner, YOU need to contact me rather than giving me negative feedback later. I can try my best to see what can do to upgrade priority shipping. In the event that there is not 1-2 weeks plus shipping time before you need your order, please contact me.  I do offer a rush order when applicable, and rush shipping.  There is usually a $25 rush order fee and express overnight shipping fee of $22.

*International orders-  I will do my best to mail international orders and hope they make it by the date you expect, however customs and international orders tend to take anywhere from a week to 6 weeks after production times!  Therefore, this is out of my hands. Please consider this extra time. Especially holiday orders!
* Please note that international orders may have duty fees. I am not responsible for this. The buyer will be responsible to pay all duties on packages.

*I have low shipping costs. Insurance is extra, just send me a message. If your package hasn't arrived, check your tracking info first! Then customs, your post office then, contact me. However if I do ship your item and it does not make it, file a claim anyways. We can try to work something out.  I would appreciate the contact before negative feedback.

* Please be sure that the address I receive at checkout will be where the package is being shipped. I will not ship to an uncofirmed address that is different thant he shipped address placed at checkout. Thank you!

You can check the ship date on your invoice of payment. Not always exact day, of shipment. Sometimes just meant I got the order done and haven't made it to the post office yet. I generally ship 1 time a week.



Return Policy

Because personalized custom made orders are just that, custom - I don't do returns on custom orders! With custom orders- I am human, I do make mistakes. If I miss spelled a name or the text on a piece let me know and I will do what I can to fix it. Mistakes do happen. I appreciate positive feedback, just as much as you do!

♥ All pieces are created by hand, so no two items are identical. That's the beauty of the artisan made jewelry. Please allow for slight variances from what is shown in the made to order photos.'" I individually hand stamp all lettering. I also hammer and antique some pieces to give them charm. Some letters may not be perfectly straight,but that again adds to the charm of the piece.

 I do not refund shipping! If you are not happy with your order, please contact me right away!  We can work something out. In most cases I have a 30% restocking fee to take back non custom made items. You have to pay shipping to send it back to me and send it to yourself again if exchanging.

♥~ Each item in my shop is hand made by me and passes my inspection. All items are artisan made by hand. From sheet and raw materials. From filing, shaping, soldering, forming, patina, stone setting, hand polished and packed with care.  I would not sell you anything that I wouldn't wear myself.  Made to order items have their picture taken before they are sent off. So I know how I mailed it and what it looked like.


Payment Policy


Custom orders- I can offer you a payment plan. However,
orders have to paid for in full before I start any work. 
see below for custom order info!
I am willing to take custom orders- paid for upfront first.


Additional Information

                         ♥ CUSTOM MADE TO ORDER INFORMATION


Please keep in mind that the fonts are different sizes and can't always be used on the item that you have purchased, so please be open to suggestions for your piece.
I am more than happy to try to custom make particular shapes and sizes, just know this will cost more. For my time and my materials. ♥For fonts see my website~!fonts-ands-symbols/c1f2e ♥ All pieces are created by hand, so no two items are identical. That's the beauty of the product! Please allow for slight variances from what is shown in the made to order photos.'" I individually hand stamp all lettering. I also hammer and antique some pieces to give them charm. Some letters may not be perfectly straight,but that again adds to the charm of the piece.

♥ * FINISHES * ♥
-Textured or Flat
-Antique brushed or Shiny  
Yes, you can have 1 of each. IE- textured and shiny
Antique brushed finish is best on silver and copper
I also texture, hammer, dome and antique, tumble and polish some pieces to give them definition and character.

♥ *SIZES * ♥
 (circles) -3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", 1" , 1 1/8"
Rectangles, small and large hearts,squares, various sizes of ovals, small, medium and large flowers, squares, teardrop, horses, butterflies, crosses, guitar picks, star, sun, moon, dog bone, heavy bar, washer, various copper tags,  garden makers,any things else I can find or make.

In buyers notes box-  please don't forget to provide all personalization required to complete your custom piece (names, dates, numbers, sayings, birthstone colors, chain type and placement of stamped details). Note, if not specified, item will be created as shown in photo and/or how personalization best fits.


♥~ As my customer I want you to be happy with your custom order. Often times, I suggest what works best and what I don't like to do.. because of the results.
Stamping on both sides is one of those things, I don't like to do! Many people ask me why?!?! Well l little information about the metal and their make up will tell you what type of metal to go with for what project, and why not to stamp on both sides. Most metal can be work hardened to stiffen it up. But some are just  not best for particular pieces.  So here is a guide to help you make the best purchase possible.


The Copper Paisley Studio uses-
♥~ Gauges- (thickness)
First of all, metal comes in different sheets and sizes and kinds. I prefer to use sheet that has what is called a gauge. How to determine the thickness. I use 26g, 24g, 22g, 20g, 18g and some others for rings and bangles. Gauges are sort of the opposite direction. So if you want something thicker then you go down not up. So a 26g, is thinner than 18g.

♥ STERLING SILVER♥ - Sterling silver is semi precious metal. One of the best metals for any project. The only downside is I have to charge the current market value for Silver. (OUCH!) plus my labor. So this will be the most expensive material in my shop, however it will last you forever. So it's worth the purchase!!! For sure a keepsake!  Silver has 7% copper so some people may have allergies. Silver can be oxidized ( antiqued) Looks great with beautiful shine or an antique finish. It's a great metal to be forged and shaped and hardened fast.   Although silver has a lot more care required, it will have the best results. I suggest purchasing a cleaning cloth from me to go along with your purchase. Sterling silver does tarnish from the oxygen in the air and it can be polished up.  Some products I use silver filled metal. This is new to the market, because of the rising costs. I personally like it. I like it with a neat textured edge on the outside. Although silver filled can't be soldered like silver, it's great for many other pieces. Silver filled is what you ask? It's a core of copper or brass with a thick layer of silver. Therefore less silver to buy = not as expensive. I use a wide range of gauges in silver.

♥ COPPER♥ - Is a magical metal. I love copper! Copper is a great mixed metal that can go with almost anything. I love that it will take many different colored patinas and contrast color with silver and brass. Copper is the best with an antique finish. It holds that magical rustic feel to it.  I love copper textured! More people seem to have an allergy to copper. Ever had your finger turn green?

Well that's the copper reacting to your body chemistry. Silver and copper are like salt a pepper together. Silver and copper can be forged, tumbled for hardness, antiqued and shined. I use a wide range of gauges in copper.   Although copper has a lot more care required, it will have the best results. I suggest purchasing a cleaning cloth from me to go along with your purchase.

♥ BRASS♥- is becoming pretty popular as a mixed metal or vintage appeal.
Brass can be a harder metal to work with. It doesn't antique as well as the others, but I still think it's a great mixed metal. I use mostly 20g brass.

♥ PURE ALUMINUM♥- Is a great alternative silver colored metal. Although, it's cheaper, and can't be soldered, it has lots of great qualities to it. It's hypoallergenic, skin and food safe. It is a much softer metal than anything else.
Even when tumbled and work hardened it still is a softer metal. No it won't break, due to the temper it's been given. It's so great for people with allergies to metal. I wouldn't suggest pure aluminum for a key chain or somewhere that will take a lot of wear to it. My biggest selling guitar picks are made of pure aluminum. Unlike silver, copper and brass, aluminum can not be oxidized (chemical to hold darker antique look and font). I like to give it a brushed finish to help protect it. So the only down side is the font can wear over time. But that's the fun of it, being a cheaper alternative. it does have an easy fix though if it does fade. I use mostly 14g and 18g for my projects. The pure aluminum does not tarnish like silver and copper. It's easy to care for with a little soft soap and water and it's like new!

♥ 3003  GRADE ALUMINUM♥ - Aluminum is a stiffer grade best for garden markers, zipper pulls key chains ect. NOT suggested for contact with your skin. This type of aluminum can cause allergies.

So now that you know a little bit about each metal, you still ask what should I get my guitar pick made in? Well i'll help you decide!!!  Each has ups and downs!

♥ Pure aluminum guitar picks are my biggest sellers. I think it's because most people prefer the silver colored metal. As I said earlier aluminum is a softer metal, so I use a thicker gauge metal to help support the piece. I also tumble the metal to work harden and stiffen it up.  It's an affordable metal, that I can still forge and move and work with. So I found that it works great for playing guitar. Depending on the type of guitar, or if you are just learning it might not be the best fit, due to how the gauge. If you want an antique finish then this is not the best option. Like I said earlier, I can give it a brushed look, but not antiqued.  Even though the metal is a lot thicker, I wouldn't suggest stamping on both sides. That doesn't mean I won't do it. It means that it will have a shadow on the back from the depression made in metal.  I could make thicker metal so you can stamp on both sides and not see the shadow, but then you couldn't play guitar with it. :(

Pure aluminum is very easy to care for with it being handled a lot as a pick. Just consider, that the font will fade much faster due to lotions and oils.

♥ Silver, Copper and Brass picks- I think they are my favorite. These are not as soft of a metal.  So I don't use as thick of a pick. You can add neat variations of antique brushed, textured, shiny surfaces. I think that if you were going to have something stamped on the back.. ( No!) that these would be the best option, because they can be made into a thicker gauge.

♥ Stamp on both sides-
As I have stated, it's not suggest, at least I don't like to do it, unless it's a much thicker material. Of course that makes the price go up to keep different gauge sheets on hand, plus the tools to cut them. You can have it stamped on the back, but when you stamp into the metal, you are making a depression on a steel block. so the metal on the bottom is being pressed down and outward against the steel. So it will have a shadowed blotch. So if you were going to stamp on the back.. you are going to see the shadowed blotch on both sides.  You can stamp on both sides, but I won't do it without a textured brushed finish to try to cover up some of the shadow.


I hope this all helps!
Thanks for stopping by!


       Got Questions??


- Contact me at anytime during the transaction, please do so through the Contact form below. Your message will be responded to much quicker.


- Morgan

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